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I was born and raised in Mexico City but always felt attracted to the ocean and the magic of the Pacific. Growing up I vacationed frequently with my family in Acapulco, Ixtapa and Puerto Escondido. 

My dad, a passionate diver and ocean lover, taught me how to swim in waves and to respect the sea.

As an adult, I moved to Cancun and reconnected with the ocean and taught myself one of my childhood dreams: how to surf. Despite my great love for the Mexican Caribbean, bigger waves were calling. 

In 2020 I moved to the Oaxaca coast on a healing journey, and discovered the power of yoga, breathing and flow state. This became a foundation for my holistic approach and passion for swimming in waves.

A year later I moved to San Jose Del Cabo, captivated by the energy and soul of the place.

I have always loved photography, and combined with the adrenaline I feel when swimming in waves, I came a across a new passion. Now, I feel grateful to do the two things that I love the most, surfing and taking pictures of waves. 

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